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Can romance stand the test of time?


Can romance stand the test of time?Talking with a counsellor can help. Client login 1866 833-7690 workhealthlife.comFind support for your child with our Children’s Support Solutions.

Romance is an elusive thing that seems to wear off after a while like a drug. Only a select few manage to capture that feeling of euphoria for any length of time. Are they faking it? What’s their secret?

Scientists have been pondering love for years and have asked the same questions and have found that romance does indeed exist as a powerful emotion that shows up deep inside the brain known as the primal core – the oldest part of the brain. So romance is nothing new, it is not something fabricated by Hallmark or Harlequin, it …

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Closing the book on an open relationship


Talking with a counsellor can help. client login 1866 833-7690 workhealthlife.com  children’s support

couple sitting on a couchIt seemed like a good idea at the time.’

If that’s how you describe an open relationship, it may be time to shut it down.

Open relationships are considered by some to enhance a primary relationship. Couples agree to open up their relationship for various reasons, including differing sex drives, a desire to spice things up, or the belief they aren’t good at monogamy. However, an open relationship can also drive a couple to the brink of separation. Getting down to semantics, open relationships on the brink may have nothing to do with the open aspect, but everything to do with the couple’s …

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