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After your adult child moves out


After your child moves outYour child has moved out but family members are experiencing times of loneliness, anxiety and uncertainty.

How can you help your family and yourself make a smooth and enjoyable transition?

  • Don’t make immediate sweeping changes: Take some time to adjust to the new pace of life in the family home. Avoid immediately ending your relationship with your spouse, selling the house, or buying a new car. Maintain as much normality as possible as everyone adjusts. If you do introduce change make sure you inform the child that has left home. They need to know things are changing so they will not be surprised or upset when they come home for a visit.
  •  Keep in Touch: Text, Facebook, Skype, or Twitter.
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How to prepare your adult child for moving out


How to prepare for your adult child for moving outHere are some practical steps you can take to plan for your child leaving home:

  • Prepare your child: Start taking time to introduce the topic to your child and teach them life skills they will need to live on their own. Explain that someday they will leave the family home to pursue education or a career and they need to know how to cook, clean, and take care of their personal finances. Starting these life lessons early will help reduce the impact of change on you and your child.
  •  Reconnect with your spouse: You have spent most of your time over the last 20 years being full-time parents and possibly each with full-time jobs outside of the home. It is
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Your adult child is moving out


Your adult child is moving outFor the last several years you’ve imagined this day. You’ve planned it out in your head, visualized what it would be like, and now that day has finally arrived.

Your child is moving out!

The thought of your child leaving home is exciting and daunting. Watching your child leave can fill you with pride, but it can also generate feelings of loss and fear of change. You may feel overwhelmed by all the details, planning, and purchases that have to be made.

Your child leaving home may also coincide with other major life changes. You may find yourself suffering from empty nest syndrome and begin to realize what an impact this move will have on you as well as your …

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