Barb Veder – Clinical Editor and Advisor

Barb Veder serves as Vice President of Clinical Services and Clinical Research Lead with Shepell, Canada’s largest provider of Employee Assistance services. Above and beyond managing the field counselling both nationally and globally, she is the clinical leader of the Shepell Digital Management team which launched North America’s first EAP Smartphone application (My EAP), leads Shepell’s clinical research initiatives, and serves as Clinical Editor and Advisor for the WorkHealthLife Blog. Barb has over two decades of EAP experience including extensive direct clinical experience, a strong interest in research and counsellor education, and is committed to contributing to the development of resources and support for individuals struggling with addictions, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. She is a past president of both The Mood Disorder Association of Ontario’s and EASNA’s Board of Directors, and a current active member of EASNA’s Knowledge Transfer and Research Committee, EASNA’s Institute Curriculum Committee, EAPA’s Annual Global Conference Curriculum Committee, and the Employee Assistance Research Foundation Board of Directors.

Barb Veder, Clinical Director - Regional Clinical Services

Kelly Beaudoin – Editor and Author

Kelly Beaudoin has been part of the Clinical Services Team for over 10 years now as the key writer/editor and manager of the Clinical Communications team. As the editor of this blog, she is a prime example of why an Honours English degree (from Ottawa U) isn’t as useless as some may think! Kelly thoroughly enjoys working with her counsellor and clinical management colleagues, and is in grave danger of exploring an MSW herself one day!

Kelly Beaudoin, Communications Coordinator

Michel J. Arsenault – Author

Michel Arsenault has over 25 years’ experience in clinical social work, specializing in helping individuals and families deal with social issues such as diversity, addiction and trauma. He is also a leading international expert in helping organizations effectively manage transgender employees in the workplace. Michel is a graduate of McGill University and has been with Shepell·fgi since 1997 where he currently supports the work of three clinical managers and oversees the clinical counselling network in Central Canada.

Michel Arsenault, Regional Manager - Clinical Services

Chris Charles – Author

Chris Charles is currently a Regional Clinical Manager with Shepell and has over 18 yrs of clinical experience working with individuals, couples and families in the EAP setting.

Kelly McNaughton – Author

Kelly McNaughton is a specialist in the areas of trauma and bereavement. She was a lead consultant on two of the first clinical response teams out of Canada following 9/11 and facilitated a further police response team in working with the NYPD.  Kelly is a graduate of McGill University and has worked with Shepell·fgi since 1997 where she manages clinicians across Southern and North Eastern Ontario.  In addition, she consults, trains, and coaches both managers and employees.

Kelly Picture

Cedric Speyer – Author

Cedric Speyer is Clinical Supervisor of E-Counselling for Canada’s leading EAP provider, Shepell. He holds Master’s degrees in Counselling Psychology, Education and Creative Writing. As the subject matter expert for E-Counselling services, he contributed his clinical expertise to the design and development of the Shepell’s E-Counselling website and has been involved in teaching, promoting and publishing in this new field for over 12 years. Cedric conceived and teaches a short-term therapeutic model called InnerView and co-founded InnerView Guidance International (IGI) to champion a path and practice within the positive psychology movement.

Cedric picture

Randy Varga – Author

Randy Varga’s 35-year people-helping career has covered some diverse ground. He began this journey as a suicide crisis counsellor at the Vancouver Crisis Center, followed by a number of years as a child and family counsellor with “at risk” families, subsequently branching into child protection social work for a number of years. Moving on, he exercised his interest in alcohol and drug work at an outpatient clinic before finally settling into his almost 22 very rewarding years in the Employee Assistance field. He currently supports the work of three clinical managers and oversees the clinical counselling network in Central and Southern British Columbia and Vancouver Island.

Randy Varga, Regional Manager - Clinical Services