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What you are not seeing: a look at teens’ stress


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female chattingWe all know the feeling: sweaty palms, an elevated heart rate, headache, and a restless stomach that can sneak up on us when we’re stressed. These are some of the physiological sensations that date back to pre-historic times when we were hunters and our bodies released “Fight or Flight” hormones in response to perceived threats. The induced alertness, heightened muscle preparedness, and sweating would help us get away from or attack the predator more effectively.

But what do these sensations mean in contemporary times?

Now they can mean a lack of sleep, muscle tensing, high blood pressure, and a weakened immune system. And this …

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What were you thinking?? Risk-taking and the teenage brain


What were you thinking?? Risk-taking and the teenage brainSometimes I wonder why I hear my parents and teachers make comments like: “Teenagers today, I tell you!” or “What on earth were you thinking of when you did that?”

Curiosity got the better of me and I did some research on teenage risk taking, which led me to find articles on teenage brain development. Simply put, our teenage brains are not fully developed. We react and process information differently than adults do which can sometimes cause a divide between generations. OK, OK, it does create a divide!

Want to understand what makes us different? The following is a shortlist of what some researchers are currently investigating:

  1. The parts of our brains that help us work through emotions, consequences,
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Social media or social mania?


Social media or social mania?It seems that nowadays everyone is on social media in one form or another. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and countless blogs are only a small sampling of the social media outlets available to anyone who wants to share their thoughts and experiences. I personally subscribe to five social media websites and they keep me connected to my friends and family, help me learn new things, and share my ideas. But recently, I have heard about potential problems linked to social media usage, and I was curious to see what social media is being used for by my peers.

Did you know?

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Eat, sleep, train, crash


Eat, sleep, train, crashThis is the life of a school athlete – eat, sleep, train, crash. You try to get schoolwork done when you can, and you only wish you had enough time for a life beyond that. The thing is, this kind of pattern takes its toll on both your physical and emotional health, and can leave you in a state in which you simply can’t succeed.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Using your pencil case as a pillow in English class;
  • Collapsing under the weight of your 2 backpacks;
  • Missing a friend’s party because you have back-to-back training sessions you just can’t miss;
  • Feeling buried under the weight of all of the demands on your time.

So how can you …

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