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The WorkHealthLife Blog houses a wealth of information to help you balance work, health and life. Compiled by a Shepell·fgi team of expert advisors and clinical counsellors, the WorkHealthLife Blog offers tips and tools on mental health, relationships, family concerns, workplace wellness, personal finances, legal issues and physical well-being to help you remain productive at work and healthy at home.

Who is Shepell·fgi?

Shepell·fgi is the market leader in optimizing employee and organizational wellness through its Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP). With cutting-edge technology, the largest EFAP counselling network in Canada, and a personalized, people-centered approach, our EFAP services help to proactively prevent and resolve employee health issues. Shepell·fgi is unmatched in the depth and breadth of its EFAP support and counselling offerings, the sophistication of its infrastructure, and the strength of its track record.

The first EFAP provider to be COA accredited since 2001.

Shepell·fgi is a brand of Morneau Shepell, serving more than 7,000 organizations, and 8 million employees and their family members. Shepell·fgi is the largest EFAP provider in Canada, and pioneered the provision of EFAP services over the past three decades, leading the industry in innovation ever since. Each year, Shepell·fgi receives over 850,000 calls to our Care Access Centres. Our caller satisfaction and client retention rates exceed 95 per cent, making us the preferred choice for organizations looking to exceed in their attraction, engagement and retention goals; the strength and well-being of their people; and overall performance of their organization.

What is an EFAP?

An EFAP is a strictly confidential and voluntary support service for you and your immediate family members – not even your employer will know you’ve used the service. An EFAP offers solutions to all kinds of challenges at any age and stage of life. Whether you need help with health, work, relationships, family, finances, or legal matters, Shepell·fgi EFAP is your ticket to balancing work, health and life.

An EFAP is a complimentary service provided by your employer’s benefits plan. You can receive short-term professional support in-person, over the telephone, through text-based learning or online via e-counselling, instant online chat or video counselling and self-paced programs. If you need more specialized or long-term support, your EFAP offers you the right care for your individual needs. Check with your employer to see if you qualify for Shepell·fgi’s award-winning EFAP.

To access Shepell·fgi EFAP products and services, visit Workhealthlife.com or call 1-866-833-7690. You can also download our My EAP app for instant and on-the-go access to resources and professional counselling.