Have you fallen in love with your career?


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We live in a world of instant gratification. Growing numbers of us are choosing fast food over home-cooked meals, instant messaging over pen and paper, and YouTube videos over reading print.

Should we be surprised that we do not immediately fall in love with jobs that fail to answer our primal desire of instant gratification?

Unfortunately, falling in love does not happen overnight. Apart from those fortunate few who fall in love at first sight, we have had to learn that love requires a lot of patience and a series of adjustments to our expectations.

How do you move from being impatient to loving your job?

  • Slow down: When it comes to love, trying to hit a home run before making it to first base is a recipe for disappointment.
  • Be charming: Build your network, develop your reputation, and enjoy the people you work with.
  • Be a team player: Whether at home or at work, loving relationships are partnerships.
  • Offer gifts: Your employer and team will appreciate your hard work, solutions and results.
  • Be interesting: Learn new information and develop new skillsets; share and practice them to accomplish your tasks.
  • Be interested: Engaged individuals are a joy to be around because they make you feel valued and respected.
  • Be positive: Problems and disappointments are easy to gripe about; however, your attitude plays a pivotal role in how you experience your reality and how people relate to you.
  • Be flexible: Resilient workers who adapt to new demands and market changes are appreciated and are in short supply. Go with the flow because it is tiring and demoralizing to constantly swim upstream.
  • Be grateful: People who fall in love with their career develop a plan to take them to where they want to be and are grateful for what they already have accomplished.

Make the Most of Your Job

Refreshing your role on the job is about reinvigorating what you already have. By choosing this path, you can infuse your work with the same excitement and spirit you had when you started working at the company, without demolishing the foundation that you’ve built over time. It’s possible to regain the enthusiasm you once had, while also keeping the valued work relationships and hard-earned seniority you have achieved.

The wonderful thing about love: the more you give, the more it tends to come back to you.

Isn’t it time you fell in love with your career?

You may reach out for a manager consultation or a counseling session via your EFAP (Employee and Family Assistance Program).


Mark Pundzius has over 15 years’ experience in career counseling, specializing in assisting workers with career management, advancement and transition challenges. His previous incarnations as an Administrative Clerk, On-Board Service Rail Agent, Retail Manager, Antique Restorer, and Bed & Breakfast Owner/Operator have broadened his perspective on labour market realities and circuitous career paths. A graduate of the Career & Work Counsellor program at George Brown College (Toronto, Ontario), he is passionate about the changing world of work. Mark is currently the Supervisor of the Career Counselling Services team at Shepell•fgi.

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