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The past few years have seen rapid advancements in personal technology, wellness trends
bringing increasing efficiency and ease to all arenas of living. With a touch of a button we can shop from the comfort of home, keep in touch with old friends, and effortlessly navigate new cities as if they were our hometowns. Even more recently, workplaces have begun to implement some of these technologies to improve employee mental and physical health, effectively increasing productivity as well. Let’s take a look at some of the ways technology is revolutionizing personal and workplace wellness.

Physical health tracking

Many companies are beginning to offer their employees access to programs that support their physical as well as their mental health. An example of one such program is Shepell’s Fitness Coach Connects that provides multifaceted support to employees who are seeking to improve their physical health. This fitness support program has employees use a wireless activity tracker, an online program to record activity and set goals, and participate in private sessions with a fitness coach either over the phone or via online chat. With the support of a fitness coach, employees will define goals, learn more about fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle, and identify resources and solutions for overcoming roadblocks to assist them in achieving their goals. By using an activity tracker, employees gain a real-time measure of how they are progressing toward their daily and overall goals. A fun and engaging program, Fitness Coach Connects combines traditional and digital support to help employees create new, healthier habits.


Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAPs) have begun to take advantage of personal technologies such as applications for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to deliver faster and more convenient services to their users. Shepell’s My EAP app offers health and wellness resources including real-time, interactive assessments for stress, relationship health and financial wellness. If you’re stress level is high, you can immediately connect with an EAP counsellor on the app via First Chat or book Shepell’s Stress Coach Connects program. Being able to seek advice from a counsellor, book a service or make an appointment directly on a mobile device, is what people expect in today’s digital world – and My EAP app is delivering!

Online counselling

Online counselling and support can provide a forum for individuals who might otherwise not access traditional forms of professional mental health support since it supports anonymity and confidentiality, makes help more accessible to those who are geographically dispersed, have difficulty making set appointment times, and/or those with verbal communication challenges, or social phobia(s). Shepell’s new Online Group Counselling program is designed to support those dealing with anxiety. Over several sessions, group members will “meet” online and interact with each other and a counsellor, and complete assignments between sessions. Group dynamics – online and offline – provide members with encouragement, feedback and acceptance.

Technology is here to stay; Canadians continue to demand digital service options and online access to health and wellness resources, including those provided by their EFAPs. Shepell is committed to using technology to make EFAP services more accessible to users anytime and anywhere.

Shepell’s EFAP is available 24/7 by phone, web or mobile app. Call 1.866.833.7690, visit workhealthlife.com or download My EAP app.

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