So you think you can exercise: why you need to listen to your fitness coach


By Alexandra Torrie

Have you found yourself at the gym and wondering if you’re doing an exercise correctly? Have you been doing the same type of workout for years and don’t So you think you can exercise know how to take it to the next level? Or maybe you want to start a fitness routine but have no clue about the basics.

Many people get comfortable in the same workout routine, not knowing where to go or what their options are. Lucky for us there are people out there who can help with exactly that: Certified Fitness Trainers. Let’s look at how your Fitness Coach at Shepell can help you reinvent your exercise experience.

  • When you’re lacking the knowledge you need to succeed:
  • Fitness coaches are fitness experts! Tap into their knowledge to help you improve your workout and maximize the effectiveness and safety of your workout.
    • Get answers to your questions or learn something new that can help you succeed. For example, many people are unaware of differences between body fat and body weight or the amount of water they need to drink every day. Ask your coach!
  • When your workout reaches a plateau, a fitness coach can help you:
    • See progress! Get coaching on altering your workout, staying challenged, and moving forward.
    • Reach goals. Your coach can help you stay focused on and be accountable for your goals.
    • Create diverse workouts. Coaches know how to be active and have fun at the same time. Getting new ideas can make exercise more enjoyable.
  • When you need a personalized plan, fitness coaches:
  • Will listen to you and to make individualized plans based on your fitness level and needs.
    • Make a connection with you. They’ll get to know what you need based on your fitness level and interest.
    • Help you make goals and plans that are realistic and relative to your lifestyle and then they support you the whole way!

If it’s time to start exercising or make your fitness routine more fun and effective, try our Fitness Coach Connects Program. Please call 1.866.833.7690 or visit to see if you qualify.

About the author
Alex is currently a student at McGill University in the Faculty of Sciences, majoring in Psychology. Alex has been a part of field hockey, swimming and tennis teams in the past and currently uses her school’s gym to stay active in between studying. Alex is a summer student working with the Fitness Coach Connects team at Morneau Shepell.

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