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Helping yourself to feel betterFeeling awful is, well… awful! And no amount of “oh, just cheer up already” is going to help. But there are some big – and little – things that will help:

  • Know this: YOU ARE WORTH IT. YOU ARE SPECIAL. Remind yourself of your strengths and trust yourself. Remind yourself every day.
  • FORGIVE YOURSELF. Not one single person in the history of humanity was or is perfect. Really. Control negative thoughts by remembering to keep perspective and look for the positive.
  • Avoid using drugs and alcohol. They don’t help – they only numb you up for a bit, and reality looks even worse through a hangover.
  • Go for an endorphin rush instead! Get some feel-good hormones running through your system by exercising! (You’ll sleep better too, and we all feel awful when we don’t get enough good sleep.)
  • Listen to music that lifts you up. Read inspirational passages and books – chose ones that help you stay positive.
  • Eat healthy foods – not just because ‘mom says so,’ but because proper nourishment is a vital part of physical and mental health.
  • “Laughter is the best medicine” – so hang out with people who make you laugh. Recognize which people bring you down and forget about them.
  • Sometimes quiet is what we need – try meditation, take a yoga class, stay in for a nice quiet evening with a good book and some quality you-time rather than opting for another busy night on the town.

Try some of these recommendations. Try them all! But don’t give up, and don’t feel like you have to go it alone. Go talk with a counsellor. Talking it out, getting a fresh perspective, and maybe getting hooked up with some good reading material or programs in the neighbourhood – all of that will help you out. There is NOTHING WRONG with asking for help – you’re worth it!

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