Food Revolution Day – more fun than you think


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Jamie Oliver with kidsWhat adults don’t know about good food is surprising. What kids don’t know about good food is reason enough to join Jamie Oliver’s food revolution! It’s the fun kind of revolution; a violence-free movement to put compulsory and practical food education on the school curriculum in all G20 countries.

Parents, let me tell you why it’s easy to get on board!

When your kids learn about good food:

  • They get interested in what’s going on in the kitchen
  • Food becomes fun
  • Fun means learning how to make things in the kitchen (“It’s a game, get the spatula!”)
  • Your modern family time means there’s meatloaf on the table at the end of the activity.
  • It will take several years for your children to realize the games you’re playing together are actually about them learning to cook your favourite foods.

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”
-George Bernard Shaw

 Now, compulsory food education won’t necessarily mean your kids will develop a Master Chef Junior level of interest in food. But it will give many kids a foundation of food knowledge that will help them make good food and nutrition decisions throughout life.

Food education is good for the whole family

There is a social benefit to cultivating an interest in good food too: families eating together. When the whole family takes an interest in food, cooking, and where food comes from, you’ll see more excitement when it’s time to sit down for meals together. Food brings people together, across families, across cultures, among strangers, and when we combine practical food education with the joy of breaking bread together, of course it’s a revolution.

While an enthusiasm for good, local food may have already infiltrated your own household, there are millions of kids around the world who don’t get this same opportunity at home. That’s why Jamie Oliver started the food revolution – to give kids the knowledge and practical skills they need to navigate through a lifetime of eating.

Welcome to the most delicious revolution you’ve ever tricked your kids into joining!

By Andrea Bassett

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