Home alone for the holidays – First Chat to the rescue


Home alone for the Holidays: First Chat to the rescueDecember is typically the most stressful month of the year. The malls are busy, seasonal music has been playing in shops and elevators since the leaves started falling, and we find ourselves running around shopping for family, friends and co-workers, and attending dinners, brunches, and office parties. To top it all off, we have to visit multiple homes on the same day, filling our bellies with too much food.

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, there’s no escaping the overload.

For some of us, it can be an exceptionally lonely time of year, leaving us feeling bereft of holiday warmth and cheer. You may be far away from family, grieving a loved one, or just feeling left out. Contrary to the popular myth, it is not a relaxing time of year.

But there is hope. While we can’t help you plan your celebrations, we can offer a little Holiday cheer and help you deal with the holiday stress, the sadness, and the challenges of the season by inviting you to chat with one of our counsellors on First Chat. Through First Chat you can talk to one of our highly trained counsellors 24/7/365, even on Christmas Day!

First Chat is a secure, live-counselling chat tool for immediate clinical support. When you use First Chat, you will be connected to a trained clinical counsellor who will help you address your immediate concerns when it’s convenient for you. The best part is you can use First Chat anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day right from your smartphone or mobile device.

You may have to handle a number of stressors this holiday season, but you do not have to go it alone, unsupported. Whenever you feel the need, we’re here for you.

Click here to connect immediately to a counsellor or go to workhealthlife.com and click the First Chat button.

About the author
Stephanie Torino has over 20 years’ experience in the counselling field, and has been with Shepell•fgi since 2010 when she signed on as bilingual Client Care Counsellor in the Montreal Care Access Centre. She has been involved in the development and supervision of Shepell•fgi’s First Chat since August of 2011. She began her clinical career creating and leading parenting workshops for community centres, and transitioned into giving anti-bullying workshops to adolescents and young adults. In the past 10 years she has created and led workshops for the First Nations population that specifically address family and youth issues in a private practice setting and founded the Montreal Multicultural Family Counselling Association in January 2009. Stephanie specializes in working with clients with suicidal tendencies, and alcohol and drug dependency. She received special training in Mental Health Disaster Response Counselling regarding post-traumatic stress disorder and trauma related to natural and man-made disasters.

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