A simple strategy to balance work and play


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University studentI’ve been to my share of parties and the truth is: partying can be stressful if you have other commitments and pressures you need to deal with first. They can dampen your mood and cause you anxiety which is why I opt out whenever possible. Often a part of me worries about missing out on great times with friends but the other part worries about not getting my work done if I do go. However, this will always be a challenge trying to choose to go out or get work done.

There are times when I push my work aside and hang out with my friends at a party just to have fun. Sometimes, I need that environment to reduce my stress. Generally though, I know I’ll enjoy myself most only after I’ve handed in my assignments, without worrying about looming deadlines and 8 am exams on the following day.

Here are some great questions to ask yourself so you know when to take time out to party –without the added stress:

  1. Will this affect my ability to get a good nights’ sleep and affect what I need to accomplish the next day
  2. Will you be able to hand in assignments on time or will it cause you to ask for extensions.
  3. Will it cut into your time for yourself?
  4. Have you set a time limit for fun instead of going out for the entire evening?

Taking care of yourself while under pressure is important especially as it will help you make better decisions and know clearly about when to have fun and when to stay focused on school priorities.

Rachel M. is a first year student at Ryerson University.

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