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student holding booksAs a university student, I struggle to live up to my own expectations, my parents’ dreams for me and my friends’ assumptions, all on a daily basis. I know from experience that it’s a challenging time, but I also know that throwing alcohol into the mix won`t help me figure things out. Alcohol will only complicate things further by confusing you about who you really are: the sober you or the drunk you.

Drinking may help you relax your nerves, but it will also make you lose control. You will become ‘the drunk’ or the people laughing at the ridiculous drunk. Staying sober will help you avoid becoming either of these, and will reduce any pressure for you to be someone you are not.

The first night of Frosh I decided to attend a party sober mostly because I didn’t have any alcohol within reach, and I was unwilling to accept alcohol from students I had just met six hours earlier. Amazingly, staying sober increased my confidence while at the party; dancing and having a good laugh happened naturally. And contrary to what anyone thought, I know that I was surely NOT the only one there that was sober.

Here are some great tips for staying sober at a party (and in life):

  1. Talk with your friends about staying sober before going to the party.
  2. Offer your friends to be their designated driver (or sober friend) to help them get home safely after the party.
  3. Remind yourself about what’s important in your life and who you are.
  4. Communicate your intentions with your friends about staying sober. Let them know that drinking isn’t something you are interested in doing at this time or in excess.

It’s so much more fun to just stay sober – to dance and be myself without having to worry about losing control or doing something I’d regret later because I was drunk.

Rachel M. is a first year student at Ryerson University.

Acknowledging that your teen may be dealing with an alcohol issue is not easy. Connect with a counsellor to create a plan for positive change.
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