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If you’re concerned about your teen, talking with a counsellor can help.
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teens talkingYou’ve prepared your children all their lives for the moment when they walk out the door into the great wide world. You’ve given them all the necessary talks and shared all the crucial lessons on how to stay safe and succeed, including how to properly do laundry and shop on a budget. Now they’re heading off to university and there’s only one thing left to do: download a healthy lifestyle app, like MyEAP, on their mobile phone or tablet. This digital mobile application can provide information and even advice when life happens and you aren’t close by to help them out.

Teens, apps and good mental health

Having a healthy lifestyle app could make all the difference for your teen when it comes to getting through the stressful periods, the pre-exam all-nighters or after a break-up with their special someone. You won’t be around to console them but the app could provide your teen with the next best thing: expert health and wellness articles and access to confidential and immediate support from counsellors. Having an app will make sense to your teen because they’re very comfortable with technology and connectivity. Just think of all the hours you’ve spent yelling at your teen to disconnect and “come to the dinner table”! Canadian teens and young adults 18-24 years-old use the Internet more than any other age group, so help prepare them for life’s ups and downs with their go-to tool, in order to stay healthy and on track.

Teen anxiety at university

University can be stressful and your teen will likely need to learn new coping mechanisms for handling increased anxiety. Being able to access e-counselling or video chat with counsellors could mean the difference between falling apart and learning to get through the crisis – whatever it may be.

According to the Pew Research Centre:

with Millennials poised to become the most educated generation in history, it is important to provide a means of accessing information and support for mental and physical health concerns in a manner which respects and responds to their embracing of new technology while at the same time continuing to offer traditional forms of counselling…

Of course, regular access to health and wellness articles and occasional check-ins with a fitness, financial or clinical counsellor could have immediate benefits and help your teen develop healthy habits for life. Learning to recognize when it’s time to check in with someone to discuss challenges is an essential life skill to pick up between classes.

Your teen likely believes the transition from a world where parents rule to one where “no one is the boss of me” will be a breeze. Whether that ends up being true or not, you’ll feel better knowing that your teen has a connection to something and to someone when things don’t work out exactly as planned. Their success doesn’t depend on it, but your teen’s health and your peace of mind may.

The My EAP app can be downloaded by anyone worldwide on multiple devices. To learn more, visit MyEAP app. To use the MyEAP First Chat feature, check with your employer to find out if you have complimentary access to the Shepell•fgi Employee and Family Assistance Program.

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