How to form beneficial habits


Writing out a planForming beneficial habits can be a long and difficult process, but sticking to it is well worth it. Once something is a habit, you barely even have to think about doing it. In fact, you will want to do it.

Can you imagine if it was second nature to floss your teeth, go for a jog, tidy up a little, or get yourself to sit down at your desk and write, even if you are not in the mood? The great thing is that it is completely possible to turn these and other activities into habits.

Here are four tricks to try:

1. Never accept the “I’ll do it tomorrow” excuse

Oftentimes, when people want to create a habit, especially out of a daily activity, they tell themselves that they will “do it tomorrow.” But the problem is that you most likely will not do it tomorrow, you’ll just postpone it for another day -once again. Avoid lying to yourself. The best way to turn something into a habit is to nip that thought right in the bud as soon as it surfaces. You will do it today, thank you very much, and you won’t hear another word about it.

2. Start small

Starting small is a great way to pick up a new habit. When we take up an activity such as exercising or writing, we never really know how much we`re capable of and how much of it fits into our schedules. If you’re really tight for time, then just try to fit in at least a little bit of your new habit. Always do something, no matter the duration. This will help you create more time for it in the future and to simply make a habit of it.

3. Reward yourself

If you’ve successfully stuck to your habit, then you need to reward yourself! This basic psychological trick will make it more likely for you to continue in the future. After you complete a task that you would rather have not performed, do something that you do like. Watch a bit of television, play some games, have some chocolate, or whatever works for you. You deserve it! Soon you might even feel strange about taking leisure time before getting things done.

 4. Make a to-do list

 Making a to-do list is a good way of getting yourself to form a habit. It’s like making a small commitment to yourself, and if you don’t complete your list, you’ll be letting yourself down. Plus, it acts as a feel-good reward when you cross something off your list and see your progress.

We all know how easy it is to form bad habits. Establishing good ones can be easy to establish too, with some perseverance, personal commitment and a system of rewards. Before you know it, those good habits will become part of your daily activities. Just do it!

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