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User Goals. FCC ReportPhysical activity might already be part of your daily routine, or maybe you have days when exercise is the last thing on your mind. Reading success stories about how physical activity has changed the lives of people living with significant challenges, such as a busy schedule or medical concerns, can be a great strategy to get motivated and get off the couch!

Get inspired by the commitment and determination of these Fitness Coach Connects program participants.* These stories will inspire you to stay on track with your health and fitness goals or get back on the fitness bandwagon!

Anna is a 45 year old female with osteoarthritis. She reports that since joining this program she has become more aware of her lifestyle choices and has begun to incorporate changes into her daily routine. For example, she now parks further away, takes the stairs, and goes for a 30 minute walk every day at lunch. Anna has increased her overall steps per day from 6000 to 9000 without issue! She pays more attention to her meal selections now that she understands what a healthy portion size looks like. She plans ahead and brings fresh fruit and other healthy snacks to work. She also cut down her daily coffee consumption to a single serving or none at all.

Bob, a 53 year old man, works from home and was looking for support and motivation to lose weight. His major daily barriers were constant access to food and idleness. Bob started tracking his daily food intake on the Fitness Coach Connects website and became more aware of the amount he was eating. To reach his daily goal of 10000 steps, he clipped on his Fitbit Zip™ and introduced pacing around the house while on the phone and doing the stairs. Feeling invigorated by the results, he added a short home-based strength training program four times per week! After 12 weeks, Bob reported losing approximately 10 pounds and, more importantly, feeling confident about his ability to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Claire is a busy single mother who was looking for help to increase her energy level because she was tired most of the time and her hectic schedule lacked an exercise routine. Through small progressive changes in her daily life, such as reducing her coffee intake and increasing her water intake, taking 15 minutes walks after work before going home, and snacking on fruits and vegetables instead of baked goods, she now feels she has more energy and patience at home and at work. She believes she was successful because the coaching advice was tailored to her lifestyle making it realistic for her to give it a try!

If you would like to join Anna, Bob, Claire, and others on this journey of introducing exciting customized lifestyle changes that Shepell’s fitness support options can offer, please call 1 866 833-7690 or visit to see if you qualify.

*Please note that the names of the Fitness Coach Connects program participants have been changed to protect their privacy.

By Marie-Eve Nadeau, MSc Kinesiology

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