Five natural ways to calm your nerves


At the fitness clubNervous anxiety is a common affliction that results in a variety of daily problems. Some people experience it in the form of performance anxiety – they tighten up and become agitated when writing an essay, giving a presentation or attending a job interview. Others can experience it as a general feeling of unease in social situations or when travelling.

Whatever the cause, there are many ways to deal with nervous anxiety, including medications and counselling. However, people who are reluctant to seek treatment through the health care system opt for natural options as alternatives to doctor-facilitated care.

Here are five natural ways to calm your nerves:

  1.  Exercise regularly. Regular workouts are a great way to deal with excess nervous energy. In fact, doctors recommend a daily cardio session to help those who need to burn off extra adrenaline.
  2. Distract yourself. Sometimes the best option is simply to take your mind off whatever is triggering your anxiety. Carry around a favourite novel to dip into when your nerves begin to act up. The relaxation activity should be something that you can do for a very short period of time before returning to your normal routine.
  3. Get lots of sleep. Lack of sleep upsets the normal, healthy balance of chemicals in the brain and predisposes individuals to various mood disturbances. Make sleep a priority and avoid burning the candle at both ends.
  4. Meditate. This is a worthwhile practice that has become less common in our society in recent decades. Take a break from planning and problem-solving and focus your mind on one simple thought for a prolonged period of time. Meditation has been found to lower the pulse and reduce tension.
  5. Walk the dog (or spend time with another pet). Studies have shown that people often experience a sense of calm and well-being when interacting with a friendly pet. Typically, this reduces tension in people because they are not looking to impress the pet or perform to a particular standard. The pet is seen as accepting and non-judgmental!

Whatever you do, try to do it on a regular basis in order to prevent nervous anxiety from reaching debilitating heights. It is possible to live a full and successful life despite occasional experiences of heightened anxiety.

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