Celebrating diversity in Canada


Celebrating Diversity in CanadaIn Canada, we live in an exciting, dynamic, and evolving culture. Culture is a bit like the earth beneath our feet: we think it is solid and static, but it is actually floating on a sea of lava, constantly moving, shifting, and changing. Cultural change can be gradual and imperceptible within a lifetime, and sometimes there can be radical, even violent, cultural shifts in a short timespan.

Human beings can share their culture through beliefs, daily practices, and clothing choices. In Canada, we officially recognise two linguistic cultural heritages and daily share the fashion, food, and language from a multitude of others. We work together to respect the environment, enterprise, democracy, freedom, social and individual responsibility, human rights, and diversity. In my lifetime, I have seen progress in all these areas.

Increasingly, we are moving towards the acknowledgment that we are all minorities. I recall a conversation my husband, who was of Afro-Canadian heritage, had with our son. At the age of 13, our son struggled with identifying which group he belonged to because he was from black and white parentage. He thought it must be easier for his father who considered his identity to be black and, therefore, knew where he fit in. My husband seized this opportunity to point out that what can look like one group on the surface contains diversity within. His explanation focused on the variety of customs and appearances that vibrantly existed within the Canadian black community. His message to our son: diversity has always been with us and within us.

I am proud to work in a company whose foundation is built on a diverse workforce. We do an excellent job for our clients here and around the globe by combining our strengths in language, talent, and background. Canada is a strong and energetic society, and we are able to relate to each other and other nations. Canadians recognise that a group of people who share a range of skillsets and backgrounds make a stronger team, and through our contact with this diversity, we plunge beneath the surface of our understanding of humanity and the world in which we live. Let us celebrate and embrace our Canada!

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