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Overcoming the challenges of your child’s transition to adulthood


Overcoming the challenges of your child’s transition to adulthoodThe 10 years between ages 14 and 24 is a time of tremendous opportunity and risk for both parent and child!  Parents need to remain present and involved while letting go of the reins so that their kid can take them up. Kids who seemed pretty perfect at 10 can go “off the rails”, and kids who started off as ‘challenging’ can become even more difficult for parents, especially if issues were not fully addressed in those younger years. It’s scary for parents because we love our children and want them to grow up without any major disasters. But, there is no guarantee. The outcome is not entirely in your hands and all you can do is your best.


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Getting back outside after a long winter


Getting back outside after a long winter With spring coming, days will start to be warmer and there are more hours of light day during the evening so we all get impatient to be outside and workout!

Here are some ideas of physical activities you could start doing, as well as tips for enjoying the warmer weather.

Get outside and walk!

Walking is one of the most famous physical activities and everybody can practice it. You could start a walking group with colleagues during lunch time. Don’t forget to use your Fitbit (pedometer), one of the components of our Fitness Coach Connects program, which also includes an online dashboard and sessions with a certified coach.

“Green Gym”

Canada offers many wonderful hiking sites for beginners as well …

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Living with the effects of divorce


Living with divorceDivorce can be one of life’s most stressful experiences.

Separating from a partner who you hoped would be your life partner inevitably causes pain, and can leave you feeling overwhelmed, particularly when trying to minimize the effects of divorce on your children.

Understanding the emotional and physical stress that comes with divorce can be a useful first step in managing the experience.

Learning how to deal with the situation means learning how to care for ourselves to get through it.

The first step towards managing stress is to acknowledge it.

Recognize your feelings. It’s normal to feel lonely, frustrated or even hopeless. It is understandable to miss the emotional connections, support, or financial stability that we had or hoped we …

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The relationship between stress and unhealthy eating habits


The relationship between stress and unhealthy eating habitsI had a really bad day! Where are those potato chips anyways?

I can’t believe the day I’ve had…I’m going to have a piece of that cake in the fridge, because after a day like today, I deserve it!

You mean there are no more cookies left?! I can’t believe it after the day I’ve had! Do you know how badly I am craving one of those cookies right now?!!!

Do any of the above sound familiar to you? If you said “yes”, you are not the only one.  All of the above statements are examples of what you might be saying to yourself or someone else during periods in your day to day life where you have experienced or …

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