Get in shape with 10,000 steps a day


Female_walkingWhen it comes to lifestyle change, some people get excited while others get nervous. The trigger is in the word, change. Nobody likes changing their comfortable, daily routine and learning new habits. The reaction is not much different when it comes to fitness – it makes people nervous. That’s why walking programs are becoming so popular – they’re simple and fun.

All it takes is a few extra steps a day, a Fitbit Zip™ wireless activity tracker and your own online personal fitness coach to get you started and on the right track to fitness. With our new interactive program, Fitness Coach Connects, it couldn’t be simpler.

Once you’re set up with your Fitbit Zip™ wireless activity tracker, you can start counting steps. The recommended goal for aerobic exercise is 150 minutes a week or 10,000 steps a day (about 5 miles), which is easy to monitor with your activity tracker.

If you’re a beginner and new to regular exercise, set a goal of 500 steps a day and increase it by 500 steps each week. The average beginner should be able to comfortably walk 1,000 to 3,000 steps a day.*

Setting goals is the best way to motivate yourself and monitor your progress. Once you reach your daily goal, you’ll have something to feel good about and you’ll begin to notice a difference in your energy levels, and hopefully your waistline too. In fact, setting goals and reaching them stimulates the feel-good drug, dopamine, in the brain. Not only will your physical fitness improve but so too will your mental health.

Remember to put on your Fitbit activity tracker in the morning so you track every step throughout the day.

How to achieve 10,000 steps a day

  • Take the dog for a walk
  • Walk to the store
  • Take the stairs
  • Instead of email, try face-to-face communication and walk over to your colleague’s work station
  • Park farther away from work or the store
  • Set up a lunchtime walking group at work
  • Get your neighbours involved and set up a morning or evening walking group
  • Forget the remote control – get up to change the TV channel
  • Schedule a walking meeting
  • Get up and move around during a conference call
  • Take a walk around your workplace during coffee break
  • Take regular fitness breaks throughout the day and go for a walk or climb the stairs

Coming up with creative ideas to sneak in a few extra steps each day is half the fun. To think that even the most mundane of tasks like vacuuming or fixing dinner will now come with extra benefits – steps towards improved fitness – is a great motivator for getting active.

To find out if you qualify for Fitness Coach Connects, call 1 866 833-7690 or visit

*As with any new fitness program, please consult with your medical health-care provider before you begin.


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