How to combat end-of-summer blues


How to combat end-of-summer bluesWhich side of the summer fence did you fall on this year? Did time slip by so fast that the deck never got painted, the garage never got cleaned out, or that camping trip never happened? Or was your summer so full of family BBQs and projects and weekends at a cottage that you hate to see the school supplies appearing in the stores?

Either way, the cooler nights and shorter days can leave some of us feeling blue. We may regret the missed opportunities to get things done, or may dread the return to work or school. So how can we beat these blues? How do we gear ourselves up for the next season?

Focus on what you were able to get done and pat yourself on the back

Often times we look at what we haven’t accomplished instead of what we did accomplish. If you look back over the summer, you may be surprised by how much you actually did. Perhaps your goals were too ambitious for the amount of time off you had? Maybe you only managed to clean out half the garage, or maybe you made a number of trips to the beach but never made the big camping adventure. These too are wins! Don’t dwell on the woulda-shoulda-coulda – congratulate yourself on what you did accomplish, and smile at the memories you made.

Keep that summer feeling going

If you’re feeling blue about the carefree summer days coming to an end, try carrying them with you into fall season. Post your summer photos on Facebook as a reminder during the cooler months. Plan an October family picnic, or start dreaming up next summer’s adventures.

Add some summery touches to your living space: Feng Shui practitioners believe that changing the artwork and colour scheme of your surroundings during the colder months to images and hues that elicit feelings of warmth can help cheer you up.

Embrace autumn

September is often a time of getting back into the routine of things, and for some that is a welcome time: The kids heading back to school and the return of a predictable day-to-day can make us feel more stable and in control.

Fall can be a great time to explore local activities, classes, and harvest events. The cooler weather can make it more comfortable to get some outside exercise, which might be the boost you need to get your fitness routine on track for the coming year. Farmers markets are overflowing with summer’s bounty, ready for canning and preserving (and feasting!), and the turning leaves and reduction in the hordes of mosquitoes make for a beautiful and pleasant landscape to explore outdoors.

The important thing to remember about beating the end-of-summer blues is not to dwell on it too long. Next summer will roll around again before you know it! Now, where did I put those snowshoes?


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