Beat the newlywed blues


newlywed bluesAfter all the celebrations have subsided and the last of the confetti has been swept away, there comes a lull that can land you in the dumps. Newlywed blues is a common phenomenon that can affect anyone. The trick is to nip it in the bud before it tarnishes the polish on your marriage.

Post-wedding blues is normal and should subside fairly quickly, much like that depressed feeling you get after you come back from a great vacation. But if you notice that this feeling of disillusionment just won’t go away, it could be a sign that your marriage needs a little help.

Studies on the early years of marriage have shown that the first two years of marriage are the foundation years that will predict the patterns your marriage will take over the years. In fact, this time period is crucial for couples to form healthy relations with each other. What most couples fail to do is set boundaries. Helping out around the house, budgeting together and agreeing on parenting styles can all contribute to a healthy marriage, and often, communication is the key.

Tips to better communication with your spouse

Practice active listening

There are differences between hearing someone talk and listening to someone talk. Practice active listening with your partner and give them your complete attention. Start by turning off the TV and your phone so there are no interruptions.

Make the time to talk to your spouse

It’s hard to get caught up with our daily lives that we often neglect important relationships. Just as you set aside time to do things, make communicating with your partner one of them.

Ask your spouse for clarification

When you’re receiving unclear messages from your partner, ask him or her for clarification. For example, it’s alright to tell your partner, “You say that nothing’s wrong, but you sound unhappy. I only want to know what you’re feeling so that I can help.”

Respect each other’s privacy

There may be some topics that your partner feels uneasy talking to you about. Remember that it’s not about an issue of trust, but rather a need for privacy. People have different levels of comfort and it’s important to give your partner that respect.

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