What is video counselling?


What is Video CounsellingReaching out for help should be easy, convenient and accessible. With video counselling, it is! Even for those with limited technical know-how, accessing counselling through your computer from the comfort of your own home appeals to many people for many reasons.

Forget about juggling schedules and finding a therapist who works after hours! Video counselling fits to your lifestyle and works for everyone’s busy schedule. If you live in a remote area where counsellors are few and far between, video counselling brings professional support right to your front door. And if mobility is an issue, all you need is a computer, an Internet connection and a webcam and you’re all set.

For others who feel uncomfortable with face-to-face therapy, video counselling can improve the support you receive, because if you’re in a relaxed state and comfortable with your surroundings, you will open up more and get to the root of your problems that much easier.

In a recent research report that we conducted, we measured the effectiveness of video counselling compared to in-person counselling and found:

  • Video counselling and in-person counselling had similar outcomes in regards to client session attendance, rate of session helpfulness, pre- and post-counselling self-assessment, and rate of goal completion.
  • There were lower withdrawal and no-show numbers for video counselling; this may be because employees can access service from the comfort of their home.
  • Although it is too early to tell, video counselling appears to also be beneficial for couple and family sessions, perhaps because it’s easier to get people together at home.
  • It is interesting to note that people located in both remote and urban areas chose video counselling. This may be because video counselling removes travel and inconvenience barriers.
  • Technology is not a barrier to accessing video counselling. Slightly more individuals over 50 opted for video counselling rather than in-person counselling. This could be another indicator that the convenience of in-home support like video counselling far outweigh any perceived technological barriers.
  • Our research supports existing literature that suggests similar clinical outcomes between video counselling and in-person counselling, including a high rate of user satisfaction.

So, the results are in! But don’t take our word for it, try it out for yourselves and call 1 866 833-7690.

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