Students: Your job search begins here


Student job search tipsAh, the joys of Spring! – Warmer weather, exams coming to an end and the inevitable job search.  Whether you are graduating now or later this year, you are naturally already looking ahead to finding full-time employment in, hopefully, your career field of choice.

Today’s job seeker is already aware of how to use the Internet and digital tools to look for job opportunities and to market themselves, but how much do you know about job search resources on campus and in your community?

Your job search begins with the career service centre on campus

If you haven’t set foot in your career service centre up until now, now would be a good time. Most on-campus career centres have resources and staff to assist students and alumni with a job search in terms of resume writing, on-campus job fairs, and job postings for your school and/or department. Most have online resources too for those students moving out of the area.

Did you know that these career support services may also be available to you not just during your time as a student but up to a year after you graduate?

Explore resources in your community

Explore cost-free, government-funded employment resource centres and organizations in your area for workshops and job developers who will act as a liaison between you and the employer.

Job search tips

Have an employment counsellor offer feedback about your resume and cover letter.  It is important to have critical, constructive feedback about both. You can and should tailor your resume and letter for each position that you apply for, but having a solid standard resume is the best way to start.

Some employment organizations offer cost-free workshops that focus on resume writing and interview skills. Taking the time to develop and hone these skills can save you time in the long run because you can work on areas of improvement in a non-pressure environment.

Keep an open mind.  An effective job search will include a search for positions related to your education, experience and career goals as well as a search for “survival” jobs that can support you while working towards landing the jobs that will fulfill your goals.

For additional information and resources about your family’s needs, contact Family Support Services through your Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) at 1 866 833-7690 or visit for more information.

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