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Extended summer visitation strategies for divorced parents


Summer’s Here and Your Children are There

Extended Summer Visitation Strategies for Divorced ParentsEach summer, divorced parents face the challenge of managing extended summer visitations for their children. This can be a difficult time, especially if the divorce was less than amicable. However, children must feel a sense of security and confidence from both sides if they are to truly benefit from their time with the non-custodial parent.

The most important point for divorced parents is to realize that no matter how they feel about their ex-spouse this is the other parent. Children are often stuck in the middle of all the animosity and heartbreak of divorce. This feeling can tear at their sense of security and create feelings of divided loyalties. It is vital that …

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Relationship advice to help couples stay together


Relationship advice to help couples stay togetherThere is no doubt that committed relationships take a lot of hard work. You need patience and tolerance when you discover your perfect mate isn’t so perfect. You need the flexibility to bend to each other’s needs and wishes. And you need ample creativity to explore new plans when old patterns no longer work.  

Yet at some point you might find yourself in a relationship that is stuck in a cycle of conflict that you just can’t break, despite both of your best efforts. This is normal and natural, and is something that most couples go through, often numerous times, in the life of their relationship. So how can you help the relationship get back on solid footing?

Expert advice

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The cross-cultural challenge of being understood


The cross-cultural challenge of being understoodCentre to any good workplace is effective communication and this is especially true in a culturally diverse work environment. According to a recent study published in the American Sociological Review, “workplace diversity is among the most important predictors of a business’ sales revenue, customer numbers and profitability.”

Without effective communication guidelines in place though, this opportunity to succeed becomes lost in a mire of misunderstood emails and miscues of body language. Communicating with a workforce of different cultures and varying language barriers presents some challenges for both employees and managers.

Managers today are well aware of the challenges that cultural differences and communication hurdles present when working with cross-cultural teams. In an effort to make sure everybody is speaking …

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Students: Your job search begins here


Student job search tipsAh, the joys of Spring! – Warmer weather, exams coming to an end and the inevitable job search.  Whether you are graduating now or later this year, you are naturally already looking ahead to finding full-time employment in, hopefully, your career field of choice.

Today’s job seeker is already aware of how to use the Internet and digital tools to look for job opportunities and to market themselves, but how much do you know about job search resources on campus and in your community?

Your job search begins with the career service centre on campus

If you haven’t set foot in your career service centre up until now, now would be a good time. Most on-campus career centres have resources …

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Five tips to prevent negative thoughts from getting you down


Five tips to prevent negative thoughts from getting you downHave you ever found yourself in a downward thought spiral where one negative thought leads to another? Negative thoughts have a way of disrupting even the brightest of moods, but you can boost your outlook by reducing the frequency and effect of these destructive thought patterns.

Though negative thoughts can be overwhelming, it’s important to remember – they are just thoughts. They don’t mean you are good or bad, and they might not even be true. With a few easy techniques, you can keep negative thoughts in perspective, stay out of downward thought spirals and reduce the stress you feel.

Five ways to drop negative thought patterns

  • Accept and move on
  • Focus on the positive
  • Practice affirmations
  • Listen to music
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