Podcast: What happens when you call our Client Care Access Centre?


Podcast: What happens when you call our Client Care Access Centre?Reaching out for help can be quite intimidating for some, but when you call our Client Care Access Centre, you will be greeted by one of our friendly and highly trained representatives who receive hundreds of calls every day from clients needing immediate and confidential assistance.

These compassionate and dedicated representatives come from a variety of backgrounds and all have one thing in common – they enjoy helping people. Some of our Care Centre Representatives are graduate students coming from the health sciences who want some hands-on experience before going on to study for their Master’s Degree. Some are university dons whose experience of critical and sensitive issues is invaluable to the position, and others have extensive experience in health-care settings, helping people in need.

Our representatives are compassionate individuals who understand the demands of their roles and believe in providing the best level of care via that first phone call.

In this particular example, the Care Centre Representative asks the client a few questions to determine the right kind of care for his needs and recommends he uses Video Counselling – one of our innovations in EAP counselling. It provides real-time, professional counselling delivered via the Internet using a webcam and Internet software. It’s a great solution for those living in remote, rural and northern locations, and provides absolute security and confidentiality.

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