The EFAP experience: Which service is right for you?


Family in living room with laptop smilingAt the heart of the WorkHealthLife blog is our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) – a rich repertoire of products and services designed and clinically crafted to help create more balance in your life. Your EFAP can help you and your family with issues ranging from mental health, relationships, personal finances, legal issues, health and nutrition, and workplace stress.

As part of our core EFAP services, we offer the flexibility of six counselling modalities:


This traditional counselling model is based on an individual meeting in a confidential, private setting at a set appointment time with a counsellor to discuss life issues. The counsellor works with the individual to assess their goals, to create a plan of action and to problem-solve any barriers in order to achieve desired objectives.


For a variety of reasons, some individuals prefer to have their counselling needs addressed through a phone conversation. These can include ease of accessibility, time constraints, or simply not being comfortable addressing a counsellor face-to-face. For many users in remote locations, where easy access to fully confidential counselling can be more challenging, telephonic counselling is a perfect solution, providing the warmth and immediacy of a responsive voice, while remaining extremely convenient.


For those who are more comfortable expressing themselves and reflect on information at a slower pace, E-Counselling is especially effective because individuals can take the time to digest therapeutic conversations with their counsellor and print out the guidance they receive for future reference. Some people also find that the built-in distance of email exchanges and the absence of face-to-face cues allow them to be more honest and expressive, making it easier to discuss personal difficulties. E-Counselling can provide the perfect solution for single parents, shift-workers, or anyone for whom the rigidity of appointment scheduling can be a drawback.

Video Counselling

This counselling modality offers therapeutic sessions similar to face-to-face counselling; however, each participant (client and counsellor) communicates using a webcam, microphone, and internet software – both parties are able to see and hear each other. Video-Counselling is available 24/7/365.

First Chat

First Chat is an online chat consultation service. Secure and confidential, First Chat provides real-time online conversation with a counsellor when employees need it most; no delays and no appointments needed. Simple online chat session initiation with no additional software to install creates barrier-free access to instant confidential support. Like Video-Counselling, First Chat is available on a 24/7/365 basis and is accessible by downloading the My EAP app.

Text-based, Self-Directed

Our comprehensive Health and Wellness Resource Packages offer research-oriented, visual learners an information-based approach to problem assessment. Users have the opportunity to work at their own pace using a collection of easy-to-use resources, including a user’s guide, articles, tip sheets, surveys, action plans, assessments and other valuable reference material. Health and Wellness Resource Packages are available on the following topics: Eating for Health, Parenting School-Age Children, Parenting Teens, Enhancing Your Relationship, Separation/Divorce, Enriching Your Career, Managing Workplace Stress.

WorkLife Solutions

In addition, the core EFAP offers WorkLife Solutions, a suite of consultations available on a range of topics. Simply call 1 866 833-7690 any time, day or night to be connected to a professional lawyer, financial professional, dependent care consultant or other qualified experts who will provide advice, guidance and referrals to community-based resources.

Remember: We’re always here when you’re ready to talk.

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