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Let’s talk mental health


Let's talk mental healthEvery day 50,000 Canadian workers will call in sick because of mental illness.

Understanding mental illness starts with understanding the stigma, which is the philosophy behind the #BellLetsTalk campaign. Through this campaign, Bell wants to raise awareness about mental health by encouraging people to talk about it. Simply, the more we talk about it, the more we understand, and the less powerful the stigma becomes.

The only trouble is many of us don’t like to talk about mental health. About half of us fear that talking about our mental health in the workplace will limit our opportunities. Research shows that early detection can help prevent long-term illness – that tells us we need to start talking about it – today, …

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Single and loving it!


Single and loving it!People may choose to remain single for any of a number of reasons: maybe career, hobbies, and friends are where you want to focus your passion; maybe you’ve been in relationships, even marriages, before and their conclusion led you to a different understanding of how you see your future; or it could be you haven’t met quite the perfect person and don’t want to settle for anything less just for the sake of not being a party of one.

On the other hand you may find yourself single by circumstance rather than by choice. Whatever the reason, you have every right to make the most of your singlehood, to embrace it – to LOVE being single, even! So how can …

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How to fall in love with your career


How to fall in love with your careerWe live in a world of instant gratification. Growing numbers of us are choosing fast food over home-cooked meals, instant messaging over pen and paper, and YouTube videos over reading print.

Should we be surprised that we do not immediately fall in love with jobs that fail to answer our primal desire of instant gratification?

Unfortunately, falling in love does not happen overnight. Apart from those fortunate few who fall in love at first sight, we have had to learn that love requires a lot of patience and a series of adjustments to our expectations.

How do you move from being impatient to loving your job?

  • Slow down: When it comes to love, trying to hit a home run before
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