Let’s talk mental health


Let's talk mental healthEvery day 50,000 Canadian workers will call in sick because of mental illness.

Understanding mental illness starts with understanding the stigma, which is the philosophy behind the #BellLetsTalk campaign. Through this campaign, Bell wants to raise awareness about mental health by encouraging people to talk about it. Simply, the more we talk about it, the more we understand, and the less powerful the stigma becomes.

The only trouble is many of us don’t like to talk about mental health. About half of us fear that talking about our mental health in the workplace will limit our opportunities. Research shows that early detection can help prevent long-term illness – that tells us we need to start talking about it – today, tomorrow and forever!

As your employee and family assistance provider, we have professional counsellors available around the clock to help. We offer you a safe haven where you can express your feelings without judgement, without shame and without stigma.

When you use your Employee and Family Assistance Program, you do so in total confidence, not even your employer knows you’ve contacted us. We will work with you to develop a plan to get you back on track so you can return to a balanced life.

But first, you need to talk about it.

We understand how difficult it is to come forward and admit there’s something wrong, which is why we’ve made it easier for you to reach out. Use one of our secure digital counselling options like:

  • First Chat – instant online chat with a professional counsellor
  • E-Counselling – for those of you who are more comfortable writing than speaking about a personal issue
  • Video Counselling – that captures the essence of face-to-face therapy

All of our services are available when it’s convenient for you, anytime, anywhere.

Today would be a good place to start getting comfortable with talking about mental health by participating in the #BellLetsTalk Campaign. All day today, for every text, tweet, Facebook share and long-distance phone call, Bell will donate five cents towards mental health initiatives across Canada.

Remember: We’re always here when you’re ready to talk.


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