What can you do to prevent the flu?


How to prevent the fluIt’s flu season and this year is even worse than ever! So it’s important to do whatever you can to stay healthy and stop the spread of the virus, like staying at home if you’re infected. Going into work sick with the flu not only spreads the virus but makes you more prone to illness in the future. The best advice we can give you is to stay home and take care of yourself.

“Everyone feels guilty sometimes about taking a sick day, especially at busy times of the year. But ignoring flu symptoms and spreading the flu to your co-workers is the only thing to feel guilty about. People want to be team players and do their part when it’s busy at work, but sometimes what’s best for the team is staying home when you’re sick,” Stewart Kennedy, MD and President of the Ontario Medical Association.

The flu doesn’t affect just you, it affects everyone that comes into contact with you and if you take public transit, you could be affecting people who are at a high risk of dying from the flu, like children and seniors.

Flu Facts

  • The flu is highly contagious and can spread to another person from just six feet away.
  • Adults become contagious anywhere from one day (before symptoms appear) to seven days.
  • 94 per cent of Ontario employers reported that their employees are more productive after taking a sick day to rest.
  • There were 2,265 hospitalisations and 194 deaths due to flu in Ontario in the 2010/2011 flu season.
  • The number of people infected with the flu virus has more than doubled this season with 4,632 reported cases so far.
  • The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine shows that people who work when they are sick are more likely to take sick leave in the future.

How can we help you to prevent the flu?

Besides coughing and sneezing into your elbow, using hand sanitizer and frequently washing your hands, you can improve your health by committing to a healthy diet and regular exercise. That’s where your employee and family assistance program (EFAP) can help. By using our Health Coaching services, we can show you how to make lifestyle modifications to get you on track to a healthier you.

What else can you do to prevent the flu?

Often, our immune systems suffer when we are under a lot of stress and this can lead to a lot of infections like colds and flu. Take advantage of your EFAP and call our Care Access Centre to find out how to de-stress through our Naturopathic Services. You can reach us at 1 866 833-7690.

Finally, nothing relieves stress better than talking to a professional to discuss coping strategies. Visit workhealthlife.com and connect to a counsellor to get your stress in check.

Let’s commit to a healthier 2013!






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