Your adult child is moving out


Your adult child is moving outFor the last several years you’ve imagined this day. You’ve planned it out in your head, visualized what it would be like, and now that day has finally arrived.

Your child is moving out!

The thought of your child leaving home is exciting and daunting. Watching your child leave can fill you with pride, but it can also generate feelings of loss and fear of change. You may feel overwhelmed by all the details, planning, and purchases that have to be made.

Your child leaving home may also coincide with other major life changes. You may find yourself suffering from empty nest syndrome and begin to realize what an impact this move will have on you as well as your child. Other life changes that can happen at the same time include:

  • The sandwich years or looking after the care of aging parents
  • Your retirement
  • Changes in the relationship with your spouse or partner
  • Menopause

While you are working through these personal changes, you are also juggling the responsibility of seeing your child off with everything they need and making sure that they move to a safe place. You may be struggling with the idea that they are too young to leave home or that you have not taught them everything they need to know to make it in the world.

Recognizing that change is normal and a part of the human experience will help you through this transition. I was once told the Chinese symbol for change is the same as for opportunity. Let this become your mantra.

So you have found the perfect apartment, packed up the old furniture and cutlery you saved for your child, and moving day is set. Now what?

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