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My EAP mobile app makes it easy to reach out for counselling support


My EAP makes it easier to reach out for supportReaching out for help is not an easy step to take, particularly if you’re at work and privacy is an issue.

Most people will suffer in silence without getting help for fear of being judged, but reaching out for help is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself and will have a positive impact on all aspects of your life, including health, work and relationships.

The new My EAP mobile app breaks down this barrier

We knew we had to come up with a way for employees and family members to access their EAP counsellors without the stigma that would ensure the utmost privacy and not interfere with their daily routine.

Now with the new release of the My …

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Make dinner time a healthy, fun family time


Make Dinner Time a Healthy, Fun Family TimeAdopting a healthier lifestyle can seem like a daunting task, especially if you feel as though your diet needs a total overhaul.

But a simple change, like making more time for family meals, can have surprising benefits. Eating as a family takes the emphasis off of calorie-counting or rigid diets, and puts the focus on making smart, nutritious choices for you and your family.

Eating as a family is an incentive to make wholesome food choices, as well as providing the opportunity to unwind and connect with your loved ones. Slowing down at mealtime allows you to relax and give your body time to feel full. Instead of stress-eating or bingeing, you can savour every bite, taking the time to …

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Daylight Saving Time: Adjusting the clock and your diet


Daylight Saving Time: Adjusting the clock and your dietHas the Daylight Saving Time left your energy levels falling flat?

Reset your internal clock with these food savvy tips for a good night’s rest and an energetic morning:

1. Don’t skip the carbs!

Carboholics rejoice! Carbohydrate-rich foods like pasta, rice and bread trigger the production of sleep-enhancing hormones to help you sink into a sound sleep. This makes carbohydrates a great choice for suppertime, just remember to go easy on the carbs for breakfast and lunch to avoid a midday daze.

2. Eat an early dinner.

Keep your digestive system from working late by eating an early dinner that’s low in fat and protein, and your body will be ready to turn in when you are.

3. Hold the

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Your adult child is moving out


Your adult child is moving outFor the last several years you’ve imagined this day. You’ve planned it out in your head, visualized what it would be like, and now that day has finally arrived.

Your child is moving out!

The thought of your child leaving home is exciting and daunting. Watching your child leave can fill you with pride, but it can also generate feelings of loss and fear of change. You may feel overwhelmed by all the details, planning, and purchases that have to be made.

Your child leaving home may also coincide with other major life changes. You may find yourself suffering from empty nest syndrome and begin to realize what an impact this move will have on you as well as your …

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