Make dinner time a healthy, fun family time


Make Dinner Time a Healthy, Fun Family TimeAdopting a healthier lifestyle can seem like a daunting task, especially if you feel as though your diet needs a total overhaul.

But a simple change, like making more time for family meals, can have surprising benefits. Eating as a family takes the emphasis off of calorie-counting or rigid diets, and puts the focus on making smart, nutritious choices for you and your family.

Eating as a family is an incentive to make wholesome food choices, as well as providing the opportunity to unwind and connect with your loved ones. Slowing down at mealtime allows you to relax and give your body time to feel full. Instead of stress-eating or bingeing, you can savour every bite, taking the time to enjoy your food without over-eating.

Cooking healthy meals as a family is also an excellent way to impart to your children an appreciation for nutritious foods and a joy for cooking. Ask your spouse or children for their input and help in the kitchen. You may be surprised at their enthusiasm! This is a great time to introduce new foods to your kids, and to discover new foods they enjoy. Also, if they help prepare the meal, chances are they will want to eat it – a key point for leftovers in their lunchbox!

Try experimenting with new recipes and adding foreign ingredients to your grocery list. Get creative in the kitchen and transform a mundane event into a healthy and fun family affair!

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