How to prepare your adult child for moving out


How to prepare for your adult child for moving outHere are some practical steps you can take to plan for your child leaving home:

  • Prepare your child: Start taking time to introduce the topic to your child and teach them life skills they will need to live on their own. Explain that someday they will leave the family home to pursue education or a career and they need to know how to cook, clean, and take care of their personal finances. Starting these life lessons early will help reduce the impact of change on you and your child.
  •  Reconnect with your spouse: You have spent most of your time over the last 20 years being full-time parents and possibly each with full-time jobs outside of the home. It is easy to lose track of your marital relationship in the daily grind. Take time to reconnect with your spouse or partner. Plan outings or private time that will help you stay in sync with each other. A weekly date night is a great place to start.
  •  Prepare your other children: Make time to check in with your other children to see how they are feeling about the shifting family dynamic. Are they scared about the new change? Are they making plans to claim the new empty bedroom? Do they need extra time with you or your spouse?
  •  Develop and maintain a family budget: Being financially sound is as important as being emotionally prepared for this transition. Planning how much money should be put aside for a child leaving home will help reduce anxiety and financial worry. Save things like old furniture and appliances that can be passed on. Plan family outings to garage sales or flea markets and purchase inexpensive useful things that can be used to furnish a new living space.
  •  Create an empty nest dream list: Being a parent has been a rewarding experience, but there are some things that had to be put to the side as you raised your family. Dust off old dreams that had to be shelved. Begin to examine if you and your spouse are still interested in the same things and if not, start discussing new dreams that the two of you can pursue in the future when all the children have moved out.
  •  Reach out to others for support: Chances are you are not the only one in your circle of friends dealing with this lifestyle change. Approach your friends who have been through this process and ask for advice or pointers. Look for local support or online groups to exchange ideas and coping skills.

The more time you prepare yourself and your family the better equipped you will be to work through the challenges.

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