Halloween safety: making sure the scary fun stays safe


Halloween safety: making sure the scary fun stays safeHere are some practical tips to protect your children this Halloween:

Safety in numbers –
Teach children not to trick-or-treat alone but to travel with a parent or adult caregiver.

Safety in planning – Know the Halloween route in advance so that there is a mutual understanding about the plans for the evening and do not take shortcuts through backyards, alleys, or parks. Avoid houses or buildings that don’t have their lights on or are not well lit and look both ways before crossing the street and driveways.

Dress to be comfortable and prevent accidents – Limit the risk of costume dangers by choosing flame-retardant apparel. Guard against tripping and falling by making sure costumes are a suitable length. In cooler weather, keep warm with a jacket or sweater underneath the costume.

Discuss certain scenarios so that your child can be prepared – What if someone invites him or her inside, what will they say? What if someone has pets that they are not familiar with? Help your child plan what they would do in such instances. Children need to hear it calmly and consistently explained that they are never to go into someone’s home or car unless it is with your permission or in your company.

Ward off candy temptations with a full stomach – We commonly hear it said to never do grocery shopping on an empty stomach and the same can be said to apply to trick or treat time. Be sure to have your child eat a healthy dinner before going out so that they’re not tempted to eat candies as they receive them. Remind them to bring the candy home so that you can check it first and discuss that opened or unwrapped candies should always be discarded.

Before the big night out – Check with your child’s school to see if they will be arranging for a Halloween Safety presentation by the community unit of your local police department. Clarity, consistency and repetition of safety messaging help children to remember how to stay safe.

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