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Recognizing and managing an unhealthy relationship


Recognizing and managing an unhealthy relationshipUnhealthy relationships – they devastate your self esteem, crush your spirit, and maybe even threaten your physical safety. Sometimes, despite all the bad, we just don’t recognize that we’re in a bad relationship, or may feel at a loss as to how to fix things.

Award winning psychologist Dr. John Gottman has researched what makes relationships work, and what defines an unhealthy relationship. In his book, Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, he identifies four behaviours that indicate that a relationship is in trouble. These negative behaviours are:

  • Criticism
  • Defensiveness

Criticism can seem harmless; however it is very dangerous because it sends a message of judgment and superiority. Even “constructive criticism”, unless invited, sends the wrong message. The unspoken meaning …

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