Feeling anxious about the upcoming school year? Part 2


Feeling anxious about the upcoming school year? Part 2In part 1 of “Feeling anxious about the upcoming school year”, we discussedhow you can help your kids getting back into the swing of things. Apart from the emotional aspects of returning to school, getting out of “summer mode” can present its own challenges. To make the process less painful on the first day back, you may want to try some or all of the following:

  •  Begin easing into the school routine at least a week before school starts. Your child may have been going to sleep later and waking later. Gradually ease back into school bedtimes and breakfast times.
  •  Encourage your child to begin study time again, prior to the return to school, and regular homework. Your child might want you to help review things previously learned or work ahead in an unfinished workbook. Alternatively, encourage general quiet reading or writing. This will help prepare your child for the demands of another year of homework.
  • Make sure your child has a good breakfast. Quit the “cartoons and cereal” routine many kids fall into during the summer and move back to a more organized morning meal schedule.

Make the eve of the big day exciting! Ask your child if they have any ideas of ways to mark this important event. Pack their backpack together, let them pick out their first-day-of-school outfit and lay it out before bedtime, even plan a post-first-day celebration (or relaxation!) activity. Getting organized and putting a positive spin on the return to school will help both you and your child feel prepared for the upcoming school year and get excited about the numerous activities and events to come. Have fun!

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